Offbeat Ada’s: Feminist Romance Novels

Can romance novels be feminist? How do the politics and perceptions of race in publishing determine who gets a happily ever after on the page? And just what is a guilty pleasure anyway?

I’ve always considered myself a feminist and I gave up feeling guilty about enjoying romance novels a long time ago but the conversation goes on in both academia and pop culture.  And while the conversation is evolving, at least both are moving past the romance novel as “bodice ripper” reduction.

I didn’t set out to write a Feminist Romance Novel (TM), but I never check my beliefs at the door when I sit down to write. I was very aware as I handled power dynamics interaction between Azrael and Isela that historically, romance novels haven’t always done the best in representing feminist ideals in relationships in their heroes and heroines. I wanted to do better than the novels I’ve read growing up. Is it a perfect novel? No way! But I’m proud of the way I tackled their relationship.

I met Offbeat Bride author and founder of the Offbeat Empire Ariel Meadow Stallings on a panel at Geek Girl Con last fall. We hit it off and over lunch, we had one of those instant-endlessly deep conversations about publishing, race, and romance. As part of her events series “Offbeat at Ada’s”, she invited me to launch Dancer’s Flame. 

Rather than a traditional book launch, we decided to continue our conversation about romance and feminism.

If you’re in the Seattle area, please join me on May 8th, at 6 pm at the Lab at Ada’s on Captial Hill for

Offbeat Ada’s: fantasies and realities of feminist romance novels

The conversation will start at 6:30, followed by a Q & A and social time until 9.

The Lab @Ada’s is a fantastic venue: a cozy lounge with a full bar and the most amazing sciency-fabulous decor. It’s one of my favorite places to visit and I’m excited to be celebrating the book birthday of Dancer’s Flame with friends and readers!

For more information.  To RSVP, check out the Facebook event

Guaranteed seating is available for $5 and you can include a book with for $19.95 Tickets