Kindle Sale: Death’s Dancer

So, news: Kindle Press has put Death’s Dancer on sale for just 99¢ from now until May 2nd. If you’re looking for a new series to start, now’s the time.

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About Death’s Dancer:

Dancer Isela Vogel forged a lucrative career bending the power of gods in service of her patrons. Facing an injury that will end it too soon, she agrees to one big job for the payout of a lifetime.
The assignment? Help a necromancer find a killer.
Icy, impenetrable Azrael can make the dead walk, but the spirited dancer’s refusal to bend to his will sparks his interest in more than her choreography.
But what should have been an easy paycheck puts Isela in the crosshairs. Now she must rely on her training and discipline to stay alive… and resist the lure of her captivating new patron. Because behind Azrael’s controlled exterior is a fire, and fire irrevocably transforms what it does not destroy.
Journey to the magical streets of Prague with the first book in the new Grace Bloods series. It’s a sexy supernatural thriller that will delight fans of romantic fantasy.
Why Prague?
Why not?! It’s an absolutely magnificent city, with a history steeped in mystery and magic. Plus it’s not as well-trod as Paris, New Yor, or London, so it’s a new city to explore. I lived there for almost 2 years and absolutely fell in love.
What’s a godsdancer?
A godsdancer is trained from a young age in a specific set of dance moves used to communicate with gods. They often begin training in ballet and are selected based on talent and the unknowable “something” that makes their dancing special. From there, they can have lucrative careers as hired interlocutors to the gods on behalf of their (often wealthy) clients. Both men and women can be trained to dance for gods.
When does the novel take place?
Death’s Dancer takes place in an alternate present-day version of Prague. In this world, the human ability to call on the power of gods through dance lead to an international conflict known as the Godswar sometime after WWII. A cohort of 8 powerful necromancers known as the Alliegance saved humanity from annihilation and divided the world between them, ruling from the shadows of puppet human governments. All communication with the gods is now strictly regulated by necromancers.
How about vampires? Any vampires?
Nope. Sorry. Wrong book.
Is this a kissing book?
Absolutely. I prefer “romantic urban fantasy” to “urban paranormal romance,” but what you call it is up to you.

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