DEATH’S DANCER weaves suspense and romance into a story as smart as it is sensual. Gods dancer Isela Vogel is anything but stereotypical, and like the Gods she dances for, those who move around her are rarely ordinary. When Isela is drawn into the circle of a powerful necromancer, author Jasmine Silvera deftly choreographs the action using lush depictions of Prague’s storied scenery and deliciously dark humor. A thrilling debut.


Camille Griep, author of Letters to Zell and New Charity Blues

A spirited, sexy paranormal romance.


 Kirkus Reviews

The thing I appreciate the most about Binding Shadows is how broadly appealing it is, even if paranormal romances aren’t normally your thing. It’s angsty but in a sweet way with a wry humor that keeps the tone from being too dark, it’s paranormal elements drive the story but don’t fall victim to overused paranormal tropes, and both Tobias and Barbara are relatable and 100% people you root for.

Amazon Reviewer

Describing this book feels a lot like a Stefon sketch from Saturday Night Live. There are gods! There are witches! There’s a heroine who uses the power of dance to seek favor from powerful beings! I can also guarantee that you’ve never read anything quite like it. Dark, mysterious, and heady, Death’s Dancer is a fantasy romance that will appeal to both paranormal and sexy contemporary readers.

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Meet paranormal and fantasy romance author Jasmine Silvera! She has captured readers ' hearts worldwide with her spellbinding tales of love and adventure. With her modern perspective and contemporary writing style, Jasmine's books will keep you hooked until the last page. Whether it's a steamy encounter between supernatural beings or a heartwarming collision of mortals and magic, look no further than the books of Jasmine Silvera to escape into a world of enchantment and romance. When she's not busy weaving her magic through words, Jasmine can be found hiking on a rainy PNW day or curled up with a book.

Author Photo, Jasmine Silvera