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The Grace Bloods

Death’s Dancer Chapters 1-3
Death’s Dancer Chapters One through Three

Download the first three chapters to your device now.

Tags: slooo burns r us; danger and attraction; have I got a job for you; an offer she can’t refuse; a temptation he can’t deny; a room full of dangerous immortals and me with these two knives

Best Served Cold: A Grace Bloods Short
Best Served Cold: A Grace Bloods Short

After reading Death’s Dancer, enjoy this short story featuring Azrael’s favorite enforcer settling scores and righting wrongs with an unexpected ally.

Tags: adversarial allies; shifters; non-sexual; slice of a very strange life

The Interview: A Grace Bloods short
The Interview: A Grace Bloods short

After reading Death’s Dancer, follow intrepid “Dance Magazine Europe” reporter’s pursuit of the elusive subject: Isela Vogel.

Tags: lady of mystery; is she quite mortal, then?; slice of life;

Azrael Takes Stock: A Talon & the Blade Deleted Scene
Azrael Takes Stock: A Talon & the Blade Deleted Scene

The alternate opening scene for the third book in the Grace Bloods series, The Talon & the Blade. This one contains spoilers for Death’s Dancer & Dancer’s Flame, so read at your own peril!!

Tags: spoiler alert!; fight scenes; recaps; alternate cannon; non-fatal injuries inflicted; because everyone’s immortal; established relationship

Tooth & Spell Books

Binding Shadows Sneak Peek

A reluctant werewolf. A witch with a book problem. Big trouble in Old Prague.

Tags: shifters; first shift; angsty middle brother; grumpy older brother; witches make interesting mothers

After Binding Shadows

Will Tobias and Hemingway ever make peace? Read and find out! (Spoilers for Binding Shadows)

Tags: spoiler alert!; shifters; slice of life; established relationship; scenes from an HEA; enemies to ???

Conjuring Moonlight Sneak Peek

The second book in the Tooth & Spell Trilogy.

Tags: shifters; protective big brother; witches