The Grace Bloods Prague Tour: Vysehrad & The Vogels

This week’s tour takes us south of the city to Vysehrad. The old fortress is thought to be the first city site. According to legend, Princess Libuše (“the wisest woman in Czech,” how’s that for a title?) foresaw the city rising to the stars. So it turns out that’s mostly legend (and a stolen one, at that) but it makes a great story. And the statue of Libuše sits in Vysehrad, still looking to the future. These days only the foundations of the original fortress remain and in addition to being an incredible escape from the busier parts of the city, it’s a UNESCO heritage site.

The Basilica of Peter & Paul and sculptural group Premysl & Libuse, Vysehrad, Prague
Photo by Deposit Photos

Isela’s family lived in an old neighborhood at the foot of Vysehrad; the ruins of a medieval fortress turned park at the south edge of the city. When they’d come to Prague, property had been cheap. Her father bought not just one flat but an entire building— a shabby, old, art nouveau thing that needed as much repair as it was worth. It had given him something to do in the first few years when work had been inconsistent, and it kept the boys out of trouble.

Death’s Dancer, Jasmine Silvera, p 96

Here’s your video tour of Vysehrad, the Vogel compound, and my favorite church in Prague, the Basilica of St. Peter and Paul.

Basilica of St. Peter and Paul, Vysehrad, from the cemetery.
Photo by Author
Vysehrad in late summer.
Photo by Author

When she opened her eyes, they were in Vysehrad Park on an autumn day. The leaves were shades of flame and ember, the air so crisp it stung her lungs.

Lukas Vogel laughed. “You’re much better at this than I am.”

View of the Vltava from Vysehrad fortress walls.
Photo by the Author
Not in the books…yet: The closed Vysehrad train station. I’m dying to sneak this gorgeous old building into the world of the Grace Bloods…now I just have to figure out how!
Photo by the Author

Coming up: the Municipal Hall (aka The Praha Dance Academy), the Charles Bridge. Check out the previous post on The Prague Castle!

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