Review Cheat Sheet

Reviews are still the number one way readers find new books. One of the best things you can do to support an author you love (beside buy the book for everyone you know) is to leave a review.

Not sure where to start? Here five quick tips you might find helpful:

  • Keep it short and sweet: a useful review can be the length of a tweet (“Official member of the bad decisions club: I started this book at bedtime and I couldn’t put it down”)
  • Be specific: focus on one thing you liked (“I enjoyed the mature relationship built on respect!”)
  • Don’t spoil it: If you can’t avoid spoilers, be vague or give a big warning (or space, if allowed) ahead. (“Woah, I never saw that family secret coming!’)
  • Remember “Designer Imposter” perfume: Comparisons to other books or authors are a great way to help sub-genre lovers. (“If you like Ilona Andrews, try this book!”)
  • Not your cup of tea: Do tell! Don’t be afraid to say what didn’t work for you about a book. Being specific makes it helpful to others. One person’s “meh”, may be another’s catnip! (“I do not enjoy gallows humor, so this book was not for me.”)

It’s that easy. Here it is in graphic form – feel free to save or share!