Conjuring Moonlight (Tooth & Spell Book Two)

Lead the Pack: 3.22. 2022

For this witch, all that remains is one final trick: vanishing into thin air.

Evie Acaz stopped trusting magic when it failed to save her family fourteen years ago, depending on her ability to manipulate numbers and people to survive. If only magic would give up on her. Instead, being indispensable to a power-hungry mob boss brings glimpses of dire futures she knows better than to ignore. All that remains for Evie in Prague is one final trick: vanishing into thin air.

Hooking up with an enchanting stranger in the woods and running into him again at the club was not part of the plan.

Born to lead the pack, Mark Vogel’s meddlesome, peculiar family has always come before his own goals. But when a job for the owner of the city’s most prominent gentleman’s club comes his way, he leaps at the chance to get his fledgling construction company off the ground. Keeping his eyes off the bevy of scantily clad women is easy. Overlooking the corruption is harder.

Pretending not to recognize the bookkeeper who makes his wolf’s nose twitch? Impossible.

Evie is the first person who doesn’t want or need Mark’s help, but his wolf recognizes the jaws of the trap at her feet. And she can’t pretend she isn’t intrigued that his is the one death she can’t see. As forbidden passion turns to something more, wolf and witch join forces to outfox those who would exploit them. But when survival hinges on the ultimate gamble, will either risk trusting love to save them?

Read the first chapter now: Conjuring Moonlight Sneak Peek

Conjuring Moonlight is the second book in the Tooth & Spell trilogy. It takes place in the same world as the Grace Bloods and can be read as a standalone–though it may be more fun if you’ve read Death’s Dancer and Binding Shadows.


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