Most Highlighted + Graphics + News

Amazon Publishing released a new tool for its authors, and one of the coolest bits of data we now have easy access to is our most highlighted quotes. I was delighted to find these two were your favorites:

Who walks into a wolf’s den and comes out alive? Her father’s old joke came unbidden as she stepped forward. A wolf.”

Death's Dancer wolf quote Death's Dancer

“Sleep came on him as a thief, consciousness stolen like a forgotten coin from his pocket.”

Deaths dancer quote coin

Deaths Dancer Highlighted Quote Sleep

Did you have a favorite line? Leave a note in the comments!


Other news. Still plugging away at book two. I’m almost (almost) done with what’s turning out to be the third (fourth?) pass, but the good news is I’m much happier with where it takes Isela and Co. Next, off to beta readers and my editor.

Fingers crossed.