Cover Reveal/Kindle Scout Campaign Countdown

I’m so excited about my stellar cover from the phenomenal team at Damonza that I’ve decided to drag out the cover reveal for a few days. So it seemed fitting when I got the news that the Kindle Scout campaign starts on Wednesday June 22nd, that I celebrate both events together.

What I like about the Kindle Scout program is that it allows the readers to participate in the publication process. After all, who knows what you want better than…well, you?


They make it super simple:

  1. Go to the Kindle Scout page.
  2. Browse tons of new, unpublished books, and read samples of as many as you like. (Or download them to read on-the-fly)
  3. Find something you like? Dying to know what happens next? Nominate it for publication.
  4. If it’s chosen you will recieve a free copy. You can nominate books at any time, and since campaigns are on a rolling 30 day cycle, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to nominate the ones you like.

Check out the How It Works page for the nitty gritty.

So here’s a sneakty peakity of the cover design. Hope you like it and come back for more information and the link to my campaign page!