Binding Shadows Bonus Epilogue

I’ve never written so many epilogues for a single book in my entire life. A satisfying conclusion to Binding Shadows eluded me because there were so many moments of “happily ever after” I could see for Tobias and Bebe. In the end, I went with the one currently in the book because I thought it added a nice circularity to where the story began. But this was one of my favorite runners up and I’m delighted to share it with you!

[It goes without saying that this contains spoilers for Binding Shadows, but just in case: SPOILER’S AHEAD!]

[Two years later]

Barbara slid her key into the lock. They had dinner reservations at seven, and she’d been at the shop much of the afternoon, preparing samples for her upcoming seminar on modern book collecting and market valuing of rare materials. Then she’d gotten a call from a buyer and the University of Copenhagen.

She only hoped Tobias’ office hours had gone long—or he’d gotten stuck in a department meeting. As it turned out, the witch who was no longer spoken of had merely made public what Professor Tesarik was up to. Tobias had stepped into a faculty position as acting head of conservation and spent much of his first year cleaning up the mess Tesarik had made to hide his tracks.

At a crash from within the apartment, Barbara threw open the door and charged down the hall, prepared to stop another attempted murder. Read the rest….

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